Red Oak is hard, durable and aesthetically pleasing with any decor and remains one of the most popular choices of consumers. Red Oak's natural tone is a warm reddish brown.


White Oak which provides consistent color and attractive grain. Like Red Oak it has excellent wearability and remains one of the most popular choices of consumers today.


Maple is very strong, dense and tough. It's often selected for its clean, more sophisticated upscale appearance.


Hickory is a traditional combination of strength, hardness and durability. It features a reddish to dark brown appearance with some boards exhibiting creamy white tones, making it a popular choice for contemporary as well as rustic decors.


ASH varies from creamy white to dark brown in color, similar to White Oak but with a lighter golden hue. The grain is bold, straight and moderately open with occasional wavy figuring.


Walnut has a beautiful chocolate brown color with occasional pieces that are even darker. Sapwood in Walnut can feature some pieces that are soft white, creating abeutiful contrast.


American Cherry is valued for its rich color and beautiful grain patern. The heartwood of American Cherry varies from light to reddish brown, while while the sapwood can be hearty white in coloration.


Brazilian Cherry this exotic hardwood is salmon red to orange-brown in color. It turns russet or redish-brown when seasoned, often marked with dark streaks.